Do you hate how your Eyebrows look? Whether they are uneven, scarce or barely there we have a solution for you. In the beauty industry, women who are insecure about their eyebrows turn to microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent Eyebrow procedure that gives your eyebrows more volume. Not only does it make your eyebrows look fuller but it also makes them more even, which means you don’t need to put any makeup on them to make your eyebrows beautiful.

What Are The Myths on Microblading?

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of microblading, rumors and myths have circulated online discouraging women to give it a try. One of the most notorious rumors about microblading is that it prevents hair growth. This is absolutely untrue. According to experts, the term “microblading” gives the impression that it’s a technique used to remove hair. Obviously, for those who have done their research, microblading is a technique done to increase the appearance of hair strands on your brows. In order to understand it better, you can think of it as tattoos for your eyebrows but unlike conventional tattoos, microblading doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin that’s why they are only semi-permanent. You’ll need to go back for touchups every once in a while.

Can it Affect Natural Hair Growth?

Licensed aestheticians always get the same question over and over, “does microblading affect normal hair growth?” Well, this question is tricky but if you want to make sure your skin and your hair follicles are safe during the entire procedure it is vital that you find a licensed and seasoned microblading artist to ensure that the procedure is performed correctly. Veteran microblading artists know that they should not reach the dermis layer of your skin because that’s where the hair follicles are. If they miss this step then there’s a good chance it could negatively impact natural hair growth.

Who Can’t Qualify For Microblading?

Regardless if you have a good base or not microblading is still considered an effective procedure in achieving fuller brows. Perhaps the only people who may possibly encounter problems are those who have very oily and thick skin. If you have either of these there’s a tendency that the pigment will not embed well. There are, however, restrictions to this procedure. For example patients who are pregnant, nursing and those below 18 years old as well as individuals who are currently receiving chemotherapy are not allowed to undergo microblading.

How Do You Care For Microbladed Brows?

If you want your microbladed brows to last a long time you need to learn how to care for them. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself calling your microblading artist sooner for a touchup. How do you care for them? Well, after having your brows microbladed we recommend you protect your face from sun exposure because if you are always under the sun the pigment will wear off fast.


Every time you hear rumors and myths, don’t believe them right away. Do your research and check for the sources if they are credible or not. If this doesn’t help and if you are still in doubt you can schedule a consultation with a licensed and trained microblading artist and ask all your questions. Talking to experts will clear your doubts and give you peace of mind. Of course, it is important that you find a skilled, trained and veteran microblading artist. Check out their portfolio and their gallery for before and after images of their work as well as reading testimonials and feedback given by their previous clients. Knowing all these will help you decide if this is for you. Bottom line is, when microblading is done right it will not affect natural hair growth.

Recy Wang is the founder of Perfection Permanent Makeup. She gained skills in the cutting edge techniques used in Asia and brings the asian art form to America, where permanent makeup is a relatively new trend.