Cotton bandanas are available in a variety of cool designs, but what can you do with them? Bandanas of course make for great do-rags, but there is a good chance there are a variety of uses for them that you haven’t even thought of. So, next time you’re walking along the street and see a shop selling bandanas, maybe you will give them a second look and consider the fun creative uses outlined for them below.

1. Bandanas are actually the perfect size for quilting blocks. What makes them even more desirable is that they are usually pure cotton, stiff and feature fun designs that you normally wouldn’t get from an average bolt of fabric.

2. If you have an afternoon and a sewing machine, you can make throw pillows by sewing two large bandanas together. Just sew them together wrong side facing you and leave a four inch gap on the bottom. Turn it outside in and you can add pillow stuffing. Then, just whip stitch the bottom closed.

3. You can also use bandanas as cute decorative elements for your shelf. Instead of using a doily, just use a patterned bandana under your favorite vase, stack of books or figurine to protect the finish of your furniture and add a bit of flair to your room.

As you can see, though bandanas often have negative connotations, they can be used in a variety of innovative ways to give them the appeal of an everyday item. Since there are literally thousands of designs and numerous sizes to choose from, you are likely to find that perfect bandana for any project you choose. Before using a bandana, make sure you wash it first as even new items can contain traces of toxic materials left over from the manufacturing process.