Do you hate how your Eyebrows look? Whether they are uneven, scarce or barely there we have a solution for you. In the beauty industry, women who are insecure about their eyebrows turn to microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent Eyebrow procedure that gives your eyebrows more volume. Not only does it make your eyebrows look fuller but it also makes them more even, which means you don’t need to put any makeup on them to make your eyebrows beautiful.

What Are The Myths on Microblading?

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of microblading, rumors and myths have circulated online discouraging women to give it a try. One of the most notorious rumors about microblading is that it prevents hair growth. This is absolutely untrue. According to experts, the term “microblading” gives the impression that it’s a technique used to remove hair. Obviously, for those who have done their research, microblading is a technique done to increase the appearance of hair strands on your brows. In order to understand it better, you can think of it as tattoos for your eyebrows but unlike conventional tattoos, microblading doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin that’s why they are only semi-permanent. You’ll need to go back for touchups every once in a while.

Can it Affect Natural Hair Growth?

Licensed aestheticians always get the same question over and over, “does microblading affect normal hair growth?” Well, this question is tricky but if you want to make sure your skin and your hair follicles are safe during the entire procedure it is vital that you find a licensed and seasoned microblading artist to ensure that the procedure is performed correctly. Veteran microblading artists know that they should not reach the dermis layer of your skin because that’s where the hair follicles are. If they miss this step then there’s a good chance it could negatively impact natural hair growth.

Who Can’t Qualify For Microblading?

Regardless if you have a good base or not microblading is still considered an effective procedure in achieving fuller brows. Perhaps the only people who may possibly encounter problems are those who have very oily and thick skin. If you have either of these there’s a tendency that the pigment will not embed well. There are, however, restrictions to this procedure. For example patients who are pregnant, nursing and those below 18 years old as well as individuals who are currently receiving chemotherapy are not allowed to undergo microblading.

How Do You Care For Microbladed Brows?

If you want your microbladed brows to last a long time you need to learn how to care for them. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself calling your microblading artist sooner for a touchup. How do you care for them? Well, after having your brows microbladed we recommend you protect your face from sun exposure because if you are always under the sun the pigment will wear off fast.


Every time you hear rumors and myths, don’t believe them right away. Do your research and check for the sources if they are credible or not. If this doesn’t help and if you are still in doubt you can schedule a consultation with a licensed and trained microblading artist and ask all your questions. Talking to experts will clear your doubts and give you peace of mind. Of course, it is important that you find a skilled, trained and veteran microblading artist. Check out their portfolio and their gallery for before and after images of their work as well as reading testimonials and feedback given by their previous clients. Knowing all these will help you decide if this is for you. Bottom line is, when microblading is done right it will not affect natural hair growth.

Recy Wang is the founder of Perfection Permanent Makeup. She gained skills in the cutting edge techniques used in Asia and brings the asian art form to America, where permanent makeup is a relatively new trend.

There are many people who have heard about permanent makeup but may be unsure exactly what it is or how it is accomplished. In its simplest terms, permanent makeup could be considered a tattoo that is applied to the face to give the illusion of makeup. While many people may decide to get a tattoo due to a dare or just as an everlasting symbol, permanent makeup is designed for those who have seriously thought about the process and procedure.

Reasons for This Procedure

There are some people who will consider this type of procedure due to the convenience associated with it. However, there are some other reasons why someone might endure this process. There are those people who have bad eyesight and have serious issues applying it their face and getting the look that they desire. There are other people who have allergic reactions to the ingredients in makeup and this is the best option. Permanent makeup allows them to have the look that they desire without the harmful side effects of regular makeup products. Finally, there are people who are unable to keep their hands steady enough, and permanent makeup allows them to save much frustration and time.

In other cases, people simply look into the option of permanent makeup as an easier way to combat old age or disease. One of the effects of old age is the loss of eyebrows and skin color. Microblading for eyebrows is a way to get back a beautiful and seamless look. In addition, the color of the skin can be enhanced and bring back a glow that has been long gone. In addition, for anyone who may be dealing with alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or scarring it can be highly beneficial. One procedure can remove the issues about your face that ring down your self-esteem. Permanent makeup is just not for the face either it can also be used to restore the appearance of the breast’s areola after a surgery or other areas of the body.

People Who Perform the Procedure

One might think that considering it is a tattoo, that a tattoo artist would perform the procedure. However, they are not qualified for a lasting makeup procedure. For those who are interested in the art of permanent makeup, they must take classes designed to learn the craft. These classes are designed to teach the individual how to apply a tattoo in the proper way, so that it looks like makeup.

Results and Issues with Permanent Makeup

After the initial procedure, the tattooing will have an extreme look that may not be what the patient was expecting. However, after a short time, the look will subside, and it will take on a more realistic makeup look. One of the top things that anyone should consider is the fact that just like any other tattoo, this is extremely difficult to remove. The process of trying to remove permanent makeup is painful. difficult, and in many cases, it cannot all be removed. This is one of the reasons that this procedure should be properly researched, and several artists consulted. It is important to know exactly what is going to happen as well as what results to expect before signing on the dotted line.

Permanent makeup is one of those procedures that can help people out in many different situations. While it is a serious procedure, the artists that have taken the right classes and qualifications can give amazing results. For those people who are just looking for a way out of applying makeup on a daily basis, it may be an extreme measure. However, for those with health-related issues they may find that permanent makeup can give them the look they desire without the hassles and problems of regular makeup.

Angie Byboth owns Permanent Makeup Arts and specializes in correcting permanent makeup procedures and has a Master Certification in permanent makeup through AIIC, and also has a BS in Bio-medical science.

For many years, salon services had been mainly associated with women, because they had a lot of concern about their overall appearance as compared to men. Currently, however, men are also more conscious about personal grooming and so hair salon services could also come in handy for them. At Cut hair salon Flemington, NJ, there are dozens of salon services that are offered for male clients. More so, these services have also increased over the years to an extent that salons are now a one-stop shop for almost all beauty care needs. Let’s look at some of the most popular hair salon services available.

Styling and Coloring

The most popular services offered in a hair salon are hair styling and coloring. A good hairstyle greatly enhances an individual’s look so a majority of salons have invested heavily in hair stylists whose sole job is to attend to your hair styling needs. There is a broad selection of hairstyles that one can choose from, and the style of choice often depends on the length of the hair and shape of the face.

It’s not only about the styling; hair salon styling specialists also see to it that every person gets a unique hairstyle. There are usually different aspects of hair styling like hair extensions, relaxing or braiding. Similarly, coloring services are usually offered based on how sustainable they are to particular people.


Make-up services are also common in the modern-day hair salons. A majority of salons will have make-up artists who have been tasked with applying make-up on the visiting clients. In most instances, salons will have make-up artists who have been well-trained to meet the make-up needs and requirements of diverse religions and cultures. In other salons, it is also possible to get jewels and accessories that are appropriate to a specific look and whose price might or might not be included in the overall cost of the make-up services offered.

Nail Care

Nail care and spa treatment services are also common services in hair salons. Concerning nail care, individuals can either get pedicures or manicures or nail polishing. Most modern-day salons have also gone ahead to incorporate spa treatment services like waxing and body massage. Some salon spas will also offer services like steam rooms and swimming pools, all of which are meant to enhance your salon experience.

Skin Care

Skin care is another popular service in hair salons. In most cases, the choice of skin care treatment is normally based on a person’s skin type. Salons will offer different skin care services including facials which are all ideal for different skin types. Salons could also offer services meant to treat specific skin conditions like reducing acne scars and blemishes. Contrary to skin care services, most skin care treatments call for specialized care hence you should make sure you receive the service from a professional skin care specialist.

Most of the services offered by salons are often not limited to an individual client. Some salons also offer make-up and hair styling services for events like weddings. With the numerous services offered by hair salons, it is quite easy to adopt and maintain the look that brings out the best in you.

Peach is the owner at Cut, an artisan hair salon in Flemington, NJ. When not managing the shop, you can catch him on stage, performing as a musician.

For people who like to personalize what they wear, so that it truly ends up representing them should think about purchasing cool bandanas. Bandanas are uses for several different reasons, for instance if you want to get your hair out of the way, you want to stop the sweat from coming on to your face or you just want to wear for your personal style. There are several reasons as to why people prefer wearing them, and there are many uses for them as well. For instance, a lot of women even style up their purses and bags with these to change things up. It is more affordable and smarter to buy this than change your entire bag every time. It can help it make the bag or purse match with your outfit.

The easiest way to get these is by going on their site and looking through all of their options. The good part is that they have a lot that one can choose from. Having a lot of options makes it easier for you to get one that you love and will really help represent you and your taste. This can be difficult if you are limited to only a few options like you are when you go to an actual store to purchase one.

Therefore, if you are someone who would like to purchase cool bandanas you should visit their official site and look through all of the collections they have. You can also customize your picks to make them even more personal than they already are. This can also be made into a perfect gift option for a friend or buddy. They range anywhere between 15 to 30 dollars depending on what style and design you choose to get, also if you choose to personalize yours a lot or not.

Cotton bandanas are available in a variety of cool designs, but what can you do with them? Bandanas of course make for great do-rags, but there is a good chance there are a variety of uses for them that you haven’t even thought of. So, next time you’re walking along the street and see a shop selling bandanas, maybe you will give them a second look and consider the fun creative uses outlined for them below.

1. Bandanas are actually the perfect size for quilting blocks. What makes them even more desirable is that they are usually pure cotton, stiff and feature fun designs that you normally wouldn’t get from an average bolt of fabric.

2. If you have an afternoon and a sewing machine, you can make throw pillows by sewing two large bandanas together. Just sew them together wrong side facing you and leave a four inch gap on the bottom. Turn it outside in and you can add pillow stuffing. Then, just whip stitch the bottom closed.

3. You can also use bandanas as cute decorative elements for your shelf. Instead of using a doily, just use a patterned bandana under your favorite vase, stack of books or figurine to protect the finish of your furniture and add a bit of flair to your room.

As you can see, though bandanas often have negative connotations, they can be used in a variety of innovative ways to give them the appeal of an everyday item. Since there are literally thousands of designs and numerous sizes to choose from, you are likely to find that perfect bandana for any project you choose. Before using a bandana, make sure you wash it first as even new items can contain traces of toxic materials left over from the manufacturing process.

There are lots of fashion trends that come and go, but certain items are timeless staples. Bandannas are one of those items that are always fashionable for men and women of all ages. A bandanna can be dressed up or down to suit a variety of different occasions. It can be worn in multiple styles as a hair accessory. For a classic look, it can simply be tucked into a pocket. Regardless of how it is worn, a bandanna is an affordable and versatile fashion item that is here to stay.

There are many ways to go about purchasing cool bandannas. Buying pre-made ones is a popular option. The classic bandanna typically features the well known black and white pattern on a colored background. These colors vary from primary colors to neon shades. This type of bandanna is typically the least expensive, as it is pre-made. They can be bought in stores or through various online retailers.

In recent years, customized bandannas have become fairly popular. The customized bandannas can feature unique colors, patterns and fabrics. In many cases, they even feature unique sayings or words embroidered or printed on them. This type of bandanna is a popular choice for gift giving. It makes an affordable gift that is suitable for friends, family members, coworkers and more. Like other styles, this type can be ordered through an online retailer.

There are many benefits to ordering cool bandannas online. The Internet offers unlimited options when it comes to this fashion staple. A traditional store can only hold so many products. In addition to this, there are not customized options available in a typical retail store. The only way to get high quality and affordable customized bandannas is by shopping online through a reputable seller of this product.